Patient Testimonials

Read below to see what some of our clients have to say about the staff and services at Hawk Ridge Therapeutic Center.

J. Ray - Hendersonville, NC

J. Ray - Hendersonville, NC

I highly recommend Mike Krizek, LMMT, to anyone who wants skill and competence above and beyond your highest standards for massage. Mike does Medical Massage and I knew him first as a friend and business colleague. I was impressed with his passion for what he does, and I began seeing him for neck and back pain. His treatments were always exceptionally effective for relaxation and pain elimination.

But, in addition, Mike began working on a series of LYPOMA (fatty, non-cancerous lumps) I had in several areas of my body. These often painful lumps had been with me for well over 25 years, and Mike has used his specialized training in Massage Cupping™ to eliminate a good 85 percent of them, and we are still in the process to eliminate the remainder.

Meanwhile, I have discovered that ANYTHING bothering me, from a bruise to sinus congestion, can be magically dissolved under Mike Krizek’s skilled and compassionate touch, combined with his use of the Massage Cupping™ techniques he uses.

Several things make Mike Krizek unique. One is his competence with the process of Massage Cupping™, and second is his encompassing knowledge of Medical Massage techniques among integrative modalities and his overall physiological expertise as a Medical Massage Therapist.

When you walk in to Mike’s healing suite, you will feel instantaneous warmth from a room overlooking the mountains with elegant, yet cozy decor. When you approach the healing table, you will feel Mike’s profound immersion in his work, and when you leave, you will feel the exhilarating result of being nurtured with a health-orientated focus that is truly out of the ordinary.

J. Ray
Hendersonville, NC

M.P. - Black Mountain, NC

M.P. - Black Mountain, NC

I am amazed that I am able to sit at the computer and write this because 5 days ago I could not sit or stand for more than 3-5 minutes without debilitating pain that took me straight to bed.

I sustained a lower back injury recently as I bent over to push a 60 lb. box of almonds from my office to the kitchen. The next morning, I could barely get out of bed. For the following 3 weeks, I could only support myself for 3-5 minutes as debilitating pain shot into my hip, down the outside of my leg, down the front of my leg, from the mid-buttock over the hip shoulder across the ascending colon into the groin.

On a scale of 1 – 10, the pain was 11!!! I could not stand or sit for any length of time and was bedridden.

I had chiropractic, acupuncture, spinal decompression and massage which only provided about 20 minutes of relief because when I attempted to stand and walk, the pain was debilitating. Because I was not responding to Chiropractic manipulation and spinal decompress, the Chiropractor had suggested injections into the spine. I do not do drugs of any kind, oral, injections or inhaled.

After 1 Massage Cupping™ treatment from Mike Krizek, LMMT, of Hawk Ridge Therapeutic and Medical Massage, I was able to walk on my own without the sharp debilitating pain for about 20 minutes. This is not oriental cupping.

I continued to bedrest over the weekend. Monday, I had the second Massage Cupping™ treatment and was able to go to the grocery store for the first time in 3 weeks. I’m still not ready to tap dance but I know this is the treatment that my body is responding to favorably.

I anticipate a full recovery with a few more treatments.

In 25 years, I have probably experienced more hands-on healing modalities and energy devices for back, neck and head pain than most people have heard of. I was so excited about the relief from just 2 treatments that I called friends in Charlotte and California that have had ongoing pain challenges with their foot and back for years.

I sent them the names of practitioners in their areas that are trained in Massage Cupping™ technique. For those that wanted to travel to Asheville, NC, Hawk Ridge Therapeutic and Medical Massage therapist. Mike Krizek comes highly recommended.

I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who has had a recent injury, a long-standing injury with the accompanying scar tissue and tightness, postural problems, and generalized muscle and joint pain. It has to be released and by a Massage Cupping™ trained practitioner.

Massage Cupping™ therapy will be part of my body maintenance for life for me. This is the most effective treatment I have experienced in 25 years of dealing with head, neck, thoracic and lower back pain.

Mike Krizek, LMMT, is a dedicated Medical Massage therapist, and I thank you for your dedication to your passion. I also want to thank Anita Shannon, the founder and developer of this amazing healing modality. See

M. P.
Black Mountain, NC

L. Edwards - New York, NY

L. Edwards - New York, NY

Thanks so much for taking the time to find  a NYC Medical Massage therapist connection for me. Though, I do wish you had a two town practice that bounced you back and forth between Asheville and NYC.  If I were in Asheville,  I believe you would be able to get my body back into much better shape.  I recognize the very skillful caring way you work and feel fortunate that I have had two massages by you. You are truly gifted !

I remembered your advise from 2007 and the massage in late June confirmed my opinion ” that your massage therapy is the BEST and had a very helpful affect”…..but sadly….it is not easy to find a match to you locally.   I will keep searching.

I am going to be seeing an acupuncturist NYC, Jon Simon, who comes with very good recommendation and through him, he may be able to head me in the right direction to a massage therapist who has a skill set like yours with attention to lymphatic massage.  Though I rarely get down to Asheville, I am going to make an effort of come back your way in the near future, as long as I know I can have an appointment in your schedule.

It was great to see you June 19 2009. It has been my serendipitous good fortune to have met you via our visits to Asheville. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom regarding the best approaches for me to take to resolve my Neuromuscular and lymphatic  issues.   I look forward to seeing you sometime in the future.  Be healthy and well.

L. Edwards
New York, NY

P. Tomasko - Saugerties, NY

P. Tomasko - Saugerties, NY

For years I suffered from a condition known as Frozen Shoulder.  I had very limited range of motion in my right arm and I was always in pain. This condition limited my ability to continue to work as a designer and builder of Broadway  show sets.  Through my doctor I heard about Mike Krizek and his Massage & MediCupping techniques. My doctor advised me of two choices, one was surgery, the other was an alternative medical approach  know as  MediCupping / Massage Cupping.

I was skeptical, as I never heard of treatments with the use of vacuum cups applied to an injured area of the body.  Previously , my treatments where  bi-weekly physical therapy sessions and  I was constantly taking  prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers to get  some form of relief to my chronic problem.

Normally  I would have regular treatment sessions with my Physical Therapist.  I did get some relief but within a few days after these sessions , I always returned to  the same chronic pain and limited range of motion that I had come to live with.
I knew I needed to do something different.

I am so happy I took the road least traveled,   Immediately after my first series of treatments  with the MediCupping/ Massage Cupping procedures, my pain was diminishing. As my treatments continued  from Mike Krizek, I  also was gaining more and more range of motion and the intermittent numbness I use to have disappeared.

Thank you so much, I now have full range of motion and enjoy my work once again.

P. Tomasko
Saugerties, NY

Willow Koerber

Willow Koerber

As a world class professional Mountain Biker, and top ranked American in the world cup series, I need to maintain optimal health in order for me to claim my spot on the U.S. women Olympic Mountain Biking team.

Due to my rigorous daily training , and extensive racing and travel schedule, I needed effective bodywork treatments that would keep me at peak performance levels.

I was introduced to Medical Massage Therapist , Mike Krizek, though a friend. My legs and lower back were constantly sore and I needed better range of motion.  Mike performed several Massage Cupping sessions on my legs and lower back. The effects of these treatments were so dramatic that I was amazed about how good I felt right after my series of treatments.

After my next race, I immediately noticed I was not in pain and that my performance had  greatly improved.  I continue to see Mike Krizek on a regular basis for bodywork treatments and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to experience specialized bodywork treatments that will give you results.

Willow Koerber

M. Dunham - Black Mountain, NC

M. Dunham - Black Mountain, NC

As a person with  Parkinson’s disease, I needed to find someone that could help me with the muscle spasms I was having thoughout my body.  I was tired of taking muscle relaxants and need to find someone that could bring me relief and allow me to live a better life.  I went to my insurance carrier looking for a Medical Massage Therapist that accepted my insurance but also a Medical Massage therapist trained in pain management related to my Parkinson‘s condition.

At that time, the only Medical Massage therapist listed  was Mike Krizek.  What a find He is an extremely talented therapist. I see him on a regular basis and the difference he has made in my life has been immeasurable. He is patient and he takes the time to explain his approach to your condition.  I can only say that  if  you are extreme pain  or have chronic conditions that nothing you are currently doing seems to work,

Make an appointment with Mike Krizek LMBT , I highly recommend him.

M. Dunham
Black Mountain, NC

C. Causby - Asheville, NC

C. Causby - Asheville, NC

When I first met Mike Krizek, I was not sure how he would react to the comments I wrote on his client intake form.  I hurt all over. I have Fibromyalgia. With a great sense of confidence he looked up at me and said “I have worked with  this condition before, lets get started”.  I enjoyed my first session immediately. I noticed right away during this session with him , that he was acutely aware of the pain that this condition can bring to the various parts of my body.   He introduced me to his specialized training in  Massage Cupping / MediCupping.

The treatments  I have had with the massage cups were awesome. I can only say you have to experience a massage session with him to understand how effective this technique is. Also for the first time in a very long time,  I have had  the most relaxing and restful sleep that I had not experienced for a long time.  What a pleasure it was to wake up feeling ready to go. I  am so happy I finally found the right therapist, Mike Krizek  to help me with my condition. I am loving life all over again.

C. Causby
Asheville, NC

C. Wigginton - Leicester, NC

C. Wigginton - Leicester, NC

I have had chronic sciatic nerve pain for many years. As an administrator of a busy office. I am at my desk  and constantly and also in front of a computer, which has caused  me to suffer severe lower back pain and numbness.  I do not like Chiropractic treatments and needed something other than pain killers and days off that  I was taking hoping to eliminate my problem.

A good friend of mine recommended Mike Krizek, Medical Massage Therapist. When I first met  Mike Krizek I knew he was different. He takes a very analytical approach to his treatments.  I filled out a very detailed client intake form he gave me.  We also spent a good amount of time discussing my problem and what he felt would be a good treatment plan approach. He is extremely thorough.

Within my first few sessions, my pain and numbness had subsided. Amazing! Mike Krizek is truly a gifted Medical Massage Therapist. I  now schedule regular massage sessions with him as a healthy maintenance program.

It is a wonderful feeling being pain free. Thank you Mike Krizek.

C. Wigginton
Leicester, NC

D. Taylor - Kingston, NY

D. Taylor - Kingston, NY

As an owner of a very busy hair styling salon my hands were wearing out. I had started to develop symptoms of Carpel Tunnel syndrome. Numbness and constant aches were felt in my hands and arms.  My doctor advised me surgery would be in inevitable if I did not change what I was doing. How could I ? I used my hands in my  daily work .

I met Mike Krizek, Medical Massage Therapist, from a friend who had a similar issues and Mike was able to help him.  Mike Krizek, started a  treatment program where he incorporated the use of vacuum cups which he used  on my hands and arms.

He explained that through repetitive motion of using the scissors in my right and left hand, the  tissue had tightened and compressed the nerves and vessels in my hands.  After several treatments the Massage Cupping/ MediCupping session were able to open up the restriction in my hands and eliminate the numbness and pain I had felt.

Mike Krizek also taught me self help maintenance treatments so that I could maintain healthy hands and enjoy my work. I continue to see Mike Krizek for regular relaxation massages and massage cupping.  You Rock Mike !!!!!

D. Taylor
Kingston, NY

K. Drucker - Rosendale, NY

K. Drucker - Rosendale, NY

My doctor advised me that I would have to continue to stay on my stress medication in order for me to continue to have a healthy lifestyle. I really wanted to get off my medication and was seeking alternatives that would help my situation.  I  started to exercise on a regular basis which seemed to help me reduce my anxiety and stress levels. But I was still having to take my medication. My doctor also suggested that getting a massage on a regular basis is an alternative method that has proven results for managing stress related problems in many people.

I never had a massage before and frankly  I  did not think I would be comfortable with this approach.  I mentioned my situation to a co-worker and she recommended a Medical Massage Therapist by the name of Mike Krizek.

After my initial visit with  Massage therapist Mike Krizek, he took extra time with me and made me feel very comfortable about having a massage session.  He was very detailed  and professional.   Since several visits , I  have been able to stop taking  stress medications. My doctor was also pleased with my results of my massage sessions.

I continue to see Mike Krizek, Medical Massage Therapist for maintenance sessions.
If you have never had a massage before, you will be glad you went to him first.

K. Drucker
Rosendale, NY