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Custom Massage session to meet the unique needs of the client having minor aches and pain.


This physician, and or PT prescribed session, is focused on the neuromuscular pathology’s and condition’s the client has been diagnosed with.


Sports massage therapy is geared toward athletes of every kind, from world-class professionals to weekend joggers.

Vacuum Manual Therapy


A highly effective treatment in reducing deep scar tissue issues that often create range of motion issues in and around surgical sites and injuries.



A specialized form of deep tissue massage in which digital pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in the muscle.


Orthopedic Massage is manipulation and movement of soft tissues to resolve pain and dysfunction.

Medical Massage Makes a Difference for Rehabilitation and Wellness

Ashevillians agree there’s nothing like a therapeutic massage after a long day of work or a hike in the nearby mountains. Yet, if you’re in pain or discomfort or just went through a surgical procedure, medical massage therapy is an invaluable therapy for recovery and healing.

Medical massage therapy at Hawk Ridge Therapeutic Clinic means focused medical manual therapy — if you have a shoulder issue, full assessment of causes and compensatory patterns creates the perfect treatment protocol to achieve maximum results.

While you can find a plethora of Asheville massage therapists within the city limits, you won’t find many medical massage therapy clinics, and few with the experience and training in therapeutic medical manual therapies that you’ll find at Hawk Ridge Therapeutic LLC.

Your Individual Needs Met

Hawk Ridge Therapeutic is well known in the Asheville medical community for manual therapies that treat your specific needs. If you’re currently under a physician’s care, ask your doctor to send your prescription, and your medical massage therapist creates a treatment based on your prescribed neuromuscular needs.

Hawk Ridge Therapeutic therapists listen to your input and objectives and then employ effective and comfortable treatments for the results you need, where you need it. The trained and licensed therapists at Hawk Ridge Therapeutic offer a range of medical massage therapy services including but not limited to:

  • Orthopedic massage therapy
  • Athletic & Sports massage
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Vacuum Manual Therapy
  • Deep Tissue manual therapy
  • Swedish massage therapy


And if you’re suffering from back pain, other muscular pain or skeletal discomfort, the team at Hawk Ridge Therapeutic works with your insurance carrier to be able to file directly under your coverage so you can find relief.

Medical massage is a also great complementary service to support your chiropractor’s efforts!

Hawk Ridge Therapy


Kelly Pace

Kelly Pace

Kelly Pace is an honor graduate from AB Tech Medical Massage Therapy program. Kelly has specialized training in neuromusclar pathologies that often lead to chronic head neck and low back pain issues. She is also a licensed esthetician.

Jane Jenkins

Jane Jenkins

Jane is a graduate from AB Tech Massage therapy program. She has specialized training in neuromuscular techniques to address chronic cervical, upper and low back pain issues. Masters Degree in education and has an AAS from AB in

Pegilyn Billodeaux

Pegilyn Billodeaux

Peggy graduated 1992 from the  Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage, New Orleans, LA.. She is trained in neuromuscular therapies focused on addressing a variety of neuromuscular pain issues,  stemming from injuries to post surgical scar tissue issues.

Mike Krizek

Mike Krizek

Michael is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and a graduate from the State University in New York. He’s also Board Certified, with the National Certification Board. He has worked in both private practice and adult health care.

Massage Therapy Locations in Asheville NC

If you ask, “Where is there a medical massage clinic near me?” You’re in luck. Regardless of where you live or work in Asheville NC, you can schedule in at one of two convenient locations, one near downtown and the other near Arden:

1998 Hendersonville Road, Suite 13
Asheville, NC 28803

Whether you need a medical massage before you embark on a trip or a treatment after you return, call 828-277-7672 to make an appointment over the phone or send a message through the handy contact form to schedule an appointment online.

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Sessions for Asheville massage therapy or medical massage in Arden NC typically last about an hour. But even if you require 90 minutes, you’ll get the time you need. Plan to spend a little extra time at your first appointment to review your medical history with your therapist. To save time, you can also bring a doctor’s prescription with you or have them fax it directly to our office

You lead a busy life; you need a support team that offers flexibility. While Hawk Ridge Therapeutic has availability Monday through Friday during the day, be sure to ask about evening and Saturday appointment times.

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1998 Hendersonville Rd
Suite 13
Asheville, NC 28803

Office: (828) 277-7672
Fax: 828-687-8890


    Massage Therapy That’s Safe

    A massage after surgery isn’t going to be nearly as effective if you’re stressed about being hurt. Worrying that your message therapist might interfere with your recovery makes you tense your muscles involuntarily as soon as you lay on the table. That’s not the way to get the most out of your experience.

    When you come to Hawk Ridge Therapeutic in Asheville for a medical massage, you will work with a therapist who brings a high level of training and experience to your session. Your medical massage therapist at Hawk Ridge Therapeutic focuses on your unique needs and medical priorities. The skill and expert touch of a medical massage therapist can treat a vast range of medical disorders with specific, targeted therapeutic massage therapy. Leave the “no pain, no gain” mentality behind and experience highly effective manual therapies without the discomfort!

    All Hawk Ridge Therapeutic therapists have extensive medical massage training, related rehabilitation degrees and impressive certifications, and the team works closely with more than 100 Asheville area doctors who promote medical massage therapy services as integral to your recovery from surgery.

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    In addition to safe, effective manual therapy after surgery, quality medical massage is ideal to treat:

    • Anxiety due to stress
    • Cancer-related tension and fatigue
    • Post-surgical scars and adhesions
    • Low back pain
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure
    • Sleep disorders
    • Headaches
    • Repetitive stress injuries
    • Arthritis
    • Edema
    • And so much more

    Additionally, a lymphatic massage assists your lymphatic system to rid your body of toxins and waste. These techniques work with superficial movements to move cellular wastes to your lymph nodes for filtration and elimination. Lymphatic massage can also go deeper to help reduce inflammation … a common factor in many disorders.

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    Medical Massage Therapy to Restore Life to Your Limbs

    Hawk Ridge Therapeutic LLC offers the medical message therapy you need, targeting specific areas of your body that are stressed. Swedish massage therapy may be your best choice after you’ve run a marathon and need physical restoration so muscle strain won’t slow you down. A neuromuscular massage can provide long-term benefits for injury recovery, especially if you’re working with a complementary healthcare provider. Injuries can be old or new, and the results will amaze you!

    Orthopedic massage therapy may be what you need the day before you head out to take on a new hiking trail. If you need to limber up for a marathon or a 5K, restore balance to your musculo-skeletal system with a deep body massage. Whatever your needs, therapeutic medical massage therapy leaves you feeling like your very best. Following your medical massage, you may feel totally relaxed or you may feel so energized that you could run up the side of a mountain! Each person is unique in their response to these result-oriented therapies.

    Enjoying medical massage and bodywork just because it feels good is also a perfectly rational reason to call now for an appointment. You don’t have to be in pain to appreciate the benefits of medical massage therapy. After all, prevention is the best way to stay healthy and happy! Your licensed medical massage therapists at Hawk Ridge Therapeutic find just the right touch to help you maintain a full dynamic life unclouded by stress or pain.