Mike Krizek of Hawk Ridge Therapeutic


Michael Krizek is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and a graduate from the State University in New York. Michael Krizek is also Board Certified, with the National Certification Board. He has worked in both private practice and adult health care facilities in NY as well as NC. His advanced training in Musculoskeletal injuries, Pre-post operative scar tissue rehabilitation, Lymphatic drainage (MLD) ,Sciatica, and upper and low back pain issues. His advanced training and years of experience will help you move towards overall health and balance.

Leah Baker of Hawk Ridge Therapeutic


Leah’s training was in advanced neuromuscular conditions. Leah has been practicing 22 years as an advanced neuromuscular specialist.

She also has specialized training in sports massage , Shiatsu, Deep tissue therapy, Trigger point therapy,Cranial Sacral, and reflexology. Leah is also trained in MLD, Lymphatic drainage techniques, Vacu-Therapies, Massage Cupping which provides excellent results for deep fascial adhesion’s and post surgical scar tissue issues.

Rita Head Shot


Rita Woods was trained at the Mandarin School of Chinese Medicine in Jacksonville Florida. Rita is also a certified Lymphatic specialist, certified through Duke University, Rita holds a bachelor of Science degree and along with her 17 years of practical experience, make her an extremely effective Medical Massage Therapist. Rita is a contributing writer to many national magazines and textbooks on the theme of medical massage techniques.

Massage Therapist at Hawk Ridge Therapeutic


Peggy graduated 1992 from the  Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage, New Orleans, LA. She is trained in neuromuscular therapies focused on addressing a variety of neuromuscular pain issues, stemming from injuries to post surgical scar tissue issues. Deep Tissue, Acupressure, trigger point release techniques are some of the skills Peggy uses in her sessions.

Her advanced training in geriatric massage, Vacu-therapy, MediCupping massage and  Healing touch therapy are additional skills along with her many years as a massage therapist make her exceptional as what you does.Peggy enjoys hiking, dancing and Cajun cooking.