Listed below are the most common questions I have received from clients.

If you do not find the answer to your question(s) in this section, you can email me your question by contacting us at info@hawkridgetherapeutic.com

Will my health care insurance cover medical massage treatments?

As long as you have a medical condition where you have discomfort or pain, there are many different ways to get some type of insurance coverage for your medical massage treatments. We would need to review the insurance coverage you have which will allow us to see what your policy accepts.

Will medical massage really help me with my condition?

We have over a 95% success rate with most cases that involve the muscle-skeletal system. Our training in over 70 conditions allows us to help our clients/patients with a speedy recovery. We will take the time with you to review your health care needs and custom fit a program to focus on you.

How long does a Medical Massage session last?

Our Medical Massage therapy treatments tend to last about 60 minutes. Your first visit may be longer as you will meet with your therapist to discuss your needs and to fill out the medical history intake form.

Why hasn’t my doctor ever recommended Medical Massage Therapy?

More and more medical doctors are prescribing and recommending Medical Massage therapy. In a survey of 751 physicians, when asked about their experience, Medical Massage proved the most used and recommended therapy. 70% of the surveyed physicians either reported personal use of massage therapy or stated that they would be likely to recommend Medical Massage therapy to their patients.*
*Winslow LC, Shapiro H. Physicians want education about complementary and alternative medicine to enhance communication with their patients. Archives of Internal Medicine 2002:162, pp1176-81.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to be able to come to Hawk Ridge Center for my Medical Massage treatments?

No, you do not. Hawk Ridge Center works with a network of primary care physicians or your own physician who may be able to authorize your Medical Massage treatment plan. We also work with over 100 major medical health carriers and your current health plan may offer you with benefit without you having to obtain a prescription. Medicaid and Medicare are currently being considered as an addition to the health care providers we work with.

How many appointments will I have to make with Hawk Ridge Center for Medical Massage treatments?

The number of appointments you will have is based on your condition. We also will work with your prescription from your doctor. Once a series of treatments are given, we will review your progress together and send a copy of our notes to your physician to review.

I am currently working, do you have office hours in the evening?

Evening hours are available. When you call to make your appointment, let the operator know of the times you are seeking and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is Swedish massage painful?

No. Your therapist will ask you during the massage if the massage pressure is comfortable for you. This will ensure you of a relaxing and effective massage treatment.

How much clothing should I leave on/ take off?

The amount of clothing you leave on is at your decretion. You will be covered at all times and only one part of your body at a time is exposed for massage, then recovered.

I am allergic to scented products and lotions. Do you have unscented massage oils and lotions that can be used?

Yes, we only use unscented, organic coconut oil for all of our massages. Advise your therapist of your needs when you arrive.

How early should I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow you time to meet with your therapist to review your needs and prepare for your massage.

Do you have male and female massage therapists?

We staff both male and female, NC liscensed Massage Therapists. When you make your appointment, advise the staff member of your preference and every effort will be made to have the therapist of your choice available.