What is Orthopedic Massage?

What is Orthopedic Massage?

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn and I’ve got Mike Krizek here at Hawkridge Therapeutic. Today Mike is just answering different questions, common questions that clients ask throughout the year. I know you guys do orthopedic massage, so what would you say orthopedic massage is?

Mike Krizek: Orthopedic massage is related to bone conditions, bone conditions from aging process, bone conditions related to a surgery. Often times we’ll have spinal surgeons or orthopedic surgeons that send us client patients that have had maybe spinal fusions or have they done some surgeries to the bones, maybe a hip replacement, a knee replacement, ankle surgeries. It runs a full gamut of conditions from orthopedic or ortho-type work.

Jeremy Ashburn: Tell us what happens typically when someone has a condition like that and they go through surgery.

Mike Krizek: Usually when someone comes out of a surgery, so let’s take, hip and knees are commonly being replaced today. We’re at a unique time where we have lots of baby boomers that have retired, they’ve developed over the years conditions that warranted the replacement of the hip or the knee. After these surgeries, typically what happens is they’re prescribed physical therapy, but a lot of the orthopedic surgeons that send us work are very familiar with our vacuum therapy system, and that happens to be right here. Vacuum therapy should not be confused with Asian cupping. This is a machine that regulates the vacuum and the purpose of using a regulated vacuum on surgical scars is many. Number one is, as the body is closed up and it starts to knit, the superficial fascia and deep fascial membrane will start to knit every other which way. Keloid scarring starts to occur and it creates a resistance in the movement. To reduce resistance in the movement, in other words the goal was to replace the joint, reduce the pain and create full range of motion.

Without doing something like this to the affected area, scar tissue will build and it often times will leave someone with a lack of range of motion and also continued pain. When you use this particular vacuum, you would work distantly from the scar to begin with. We usually see client patients 30 days post surgery, and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to lift the surrounding tissues, drain out the edema, and then we’re going to start to focus on the actual scar itself. As you lift the tissue and you transverse across it and other different movements, we’re going to promote natural collagen to come into the area. The movement of the cup over the scar tissue realigns the fibers of the tissue making them very, very smooth, very, very elastic. The heal time is greatly increased because you’re pulling in interstitial fluids focally into that particular surgical site. Client patients on the average would see us between eight to fourteen sessions for that.

They’re short sessions, they’re focally related to scar tissue removal. That’s what this vacuum therapy is. There’s specialized training in this, and that was done to ACE Massage Cupping, so if you visit their website acemassagecupping.com or massagecupping.com I should say, you will learn more about that. Our website also posts a lot of before and after pictures because we work on a lot of different situations. We also work on a lot of women that have had radical mastectomies and lumpectomies. What commonly happens in these particular surgeries, when the breasts are removed or augmented, the scar tissue builds. What happens is the thoracic movement is limited. Often client patients will respond that they have a lot of pulling, the lifting of the arm over the head is restricted. In doing so, we use a variety of sized cups to manage that problem. These are just two of the breast cups that are used to lift the tissue to expand it and open it up to create the movement, and it works great.

Jeremy Ashburn: Wow. If you want to learn more, you can call Hawkridge Therapeutic directly at 828-277-7672 and you could also go to hawkridgetherapeutic.com. The physicians, a referral is not required but recommended. Did we miss anything?

Mike Krizek: No, we didn’t. Appointments are very easily to be made too. If you don’t want to wait for us in the morning, you can go to our website and click on our automatic appointment schedule and look across our many therapists. If you find a time and a date that works for you, just fill in your name and your appointment has been made.

Jeremy Ashburn: Thank you so much.

Mike Krizek: Thank you.