What is Medical Massage?

What is Medical Massage?

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey, guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn and I’ve got Mike Krizek here at Hawkridge Therapeutic. Now, Mike is an amazing massage therapist based right here in Arden, NC. Today we’re just answering some of the common questions that clients ask throughout the year. Probably one of the biggest questions that comes up, since you guys do medical massage, is what is medical massage?

Mike Krizek: Medical massage relates to neuromuscular conditions and oftentimes we’re physician referred. More than likely, folks will be sent here by either an orthopedic surgeon, a general practitioner, a physical therapist or a chiropractor. What we have to understand is that in the studies and training in medical massage, is you study about 80 specific pathologies relating to these neuromuscular conditions that are causing or contributing to a problem someone may be having. In a referral process, we’re usually given a specific diagnosis or condition, then we’re going to focus on that condition, using the techniques trained to treat that condition.

These conditions vary from hyperlordosis, which is a excessive lumbar curve, kyphosis, bulging discs, and herniations. We also work a lot with people that are involved in auto accidents and work related injuries. There’s a broad spectrum of why we see folks and conditions.

Jeremy Ashburn: If you want to actually call Hawkridge Therapeutic directly, you could call them at 828-277-7672. You can also go to HawkRidgeTherapeutic.com, where you can make an appointment right there from the website. Now, essentially a physician’s referral or recommendation isn’t required, but is preferred?

Mike Krizek: That’s correct. A lot of times having a medically prescribed referral enables one to address their private insurance with it. Having a physician deeming it medically necessary for you to be here will raise your chances of being reimbursed for particular physicians.

Jeremy Ashburn: Is that right?

Mike Krizek: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jeremy Ashburn: Well, thank you so much, Mike, for your time.

Mike Krizek: Thank you.

Jeremy Ashburn: Yeah.

Mike Krizek: Appreciate it.